Reasons CRM Solution Becomes An Effective Assistant Of Marketers

CRM solution is now considered by major marketing managers as an indispensable tool for their media campaigns. According to customer care software statistics, reducing marketing costs by 23% and increasing sales by 41% per employee. Being the customer relationship management software favored by customers, CRM solution provides excellent support to automate marketing activities in enterprises.

Here are the reasons CRM solution becomes an effective assistant of marketers.

Reasons CRM Solution Becomes An Effective Assistant Of Marketers

1. Summarize Customer Information

Customer-related information such as behavior, interests, contact times, used products, date of birth, anniversary … of each customer is stored in a customer profile. When needed, marketing managers can filter, evaluate and offer media programs from the target audience. This will help increase revenue from the former group of customers.

2. Automatically Collect Customer Information

CRM software helps synthesize customer contacts poured from webform, email marketing or media campaigns into a generic list. From here the marketing department can follow and take the next steps to convert from potential customers to buyers.

3. Manage Potential Customers

Manage media phases to potential customers and evaluate the level of customer interest. Additionally, the CRM software solution is designed to easily transfer a potential customer to another stage by drag and drop. Select important customers to focus on generating sales.

4. Send SMS To Customers Via CRM Software

CRM solution can link to the number to send SMS right from the customer list. You can select multiple customers to send at the same time or create automated commands to send SMS. For example, when customers have just registered to buy, automatically send a message to thank customers.

5. Create Automated Campaign Emails

You can create beautiful, eye-catching email templates and upload software or use CRM’s email template creation tool. In addition, the built-in campaign email creation feature supports creating automatic mailing campaigns according to available scenarios. After the end of the sending campaign, MKT administrators can also view the detailed campaign report right on statistics.

6. Create An Automated Customer Care Campaign

The workflow module allows the creation of automated processes for parts and including marketing activities. Not only is calling, texting, but CRM can also automatically notify the members of the process, automatically link with other departments to continue the service for customers thereby optimizing customer care service. A number of automated customer care activities such as: automatically texting congratulations on anniversaries, automatically informing departments when receiving customer feedback, making calls to automatically remind guest’s renewal of service.

7. Telephone Exchange

Connecting telephone switchboards to make outgoing calls for sales, customer care, consulting call centers … At the same time, managers can also view the history and recording calls to evaluate call quality.

8. Collect Customers ’Feedbacks

Customers can be granted a separate account with limited permissions to access the software and send feedback directly to the management level. In addition, the sales staff can also collect customer reviews and import them into the software for marketing to use later in the media campaigns.

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